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Water Soluble Moisturizing And Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides White Powder

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China Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd. certification
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Water Soluble Moisturizing And Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides White Powder

Water Soluble Moisturizing And Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides White Powder
Water Soluble Moisturizing And Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides White Powder

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ARS
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
Model Number: ARS-303
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Price: Depend on Quantity
Packaging Details: 1kg/bag;25kg/drum or according to customers's requirements to pack goods
Delivery Time: Prompt after your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000KG/Month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Tremellafuciformis Extract Application: Food,Cosmetic And Medicine
Appearance: White Powder Main Ingredient: Polysaccharides Are The Main Active Ingredients Of Tremella.
Plant Source: Fungi Tremella Tremella, Also Known As White Fungus, White Fungus, Tremella Solubility: Dissolved In Water
High Light:

organic plant based protein powder


organic plant protein powder

Water Soluble Moisturizing and Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides


1. Introduction of Tremella Polysaccharides:


Tremella polysaccharides (TP) is the main active ingredient in Tremella fuciformis, which is derived from the heteropolysaccharides obtained from the tremella fuciformis fruit body and the deep fermentation spores of Tremella cell. Its main chain is composed of mannose poly-tang, which is composed of α- (1-3) -glycosidic bonds. The main chain consists of 2, 4, and 6 positions of Chemicalbook. Glucose, xylose, fucose and common uronic acid residues The active site of the side chain is a common structural part of α- (1-3) -mannose. Tremella polysaccharides include five types of acid heteropolysaccharides, neutral heteropolysaccharides, cell wall polysaccharides, extracellular polysaccharides, and acid oligosaccharides. They do not contain nucleic acids and proteins.


Water Soluble Moisturizing And Hydration Tremella Polysaccharides White Powder 0


2.Characterstic of Tremella Polysaccharides:


he water-soluble evaporation rate of Tremella polysaccharide is the slowest (P <0.01). At the same time it can hold 490 times its own weight of water, while hyaluronic acid can only hold 400 times.

Tremella polysaccharides do not easily shrink with changes in temperature, so they do not feel tight when used with skin care products.

Many cracks were formed on the sodium hyaluronate film, but almost no cracks were formed on the tremella polysaccharide film. This shows that it is more elastic and softer than the film of sodium hyaluronate. Increases the moisture content of the stratum corneum and gives the skin a soft feel. The skin conductivity integral value is improved, the skin's water retention capacity is improved, and the water release constant is reduced, indicating that the product can improve the skin's barrier function and prevent the hair from deriving from the skin. Sodium hyaluronate must have multiple ingredients in the formula

In the case of alcohol, it can play a moisturizing effect, while Tremella polysaccharide is not required.


3.Application and Function ofTremella Polysaccharides :


Processing characteristics in food production Tremella polysaccharides contain more homogeneous polysaccharides (about 70% -75% of the total polysaccharides). Such polysaccharides have the functions of increasing solution viscosity and emulsifying stability. Therefore, it can be used in the processing of beverages, dairy products, cold foods, etc., not only can give good processing characteristics to foods, but also can reduce the use of synthetic additives and improve the nutritional value of foods. 2. Processing characteristics in cosmetics production Tremella polysaccharide has certain ability to scavenge hydroxyl free radicals, and can be used as an anti-aging ingredient in cosmetics. Lipofuscin is a fat- and protein-containing pigment that is yellowish-brown in granules that are present in aging cells. Lipofuscin deposits in the cells of various tissues and organs of the human body, resulting in slowed cell metabolism and decreased activity, which leads to the decline of human organ function and aging. 3. Health care and medicine efficacy Tremella polysaccharides have diverse components, not only monomers, but also multiple configurations and conformations after forming multimers; a variety of polysaccharides are mixed together to make their biological activities diverse. Modern research has fully confirmed that Tremella polysaccharide has a variety of medical care functions.


It is summarized as follows: (1) Immune regulation and anti-tumor effects: For many years, scientists have discovered that Tremella polysaccharides are involved in the regulation of various life phenomena of cells, such as the transmission and feeling of information between immune cells, the activation of immune cells and the improvement of the body's Immune function, etc. Through this participation, Tremella polysaccharide can not only play an anti-tumor role by enhancing the host's immune function with the help of Chemicalbook, but also directly kill tumor cells by acting directly on tumor cells or inducing tumor cell apoptosis.


Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects: Studies have shown that Tremella polysaccharides can regulate the activity of sugar metabolism enzymes, promote insulin secretion by the islets, inhibit gluconeogenesis, and promote the utilization of glucose by peripheral tissues, thereby achieving hypoglycemic effects. Tremella polysaccharide can promote cholesterol excretion by restraining and adsorbing lipids in the blood, blocking its circulation in the liver and intestines, and reducing blood lipids.


(3) Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases: Studies have shown that Tremella polysaccharide can significantly prolong the formation time of blood clots, reduce the platelet adhesion rate and blood integrity, and achieve the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. (4) Anti-ulcer effect: Tremella polysaccharide can significantly inhibit the formation of stress gastric ulcers in rats, promote the healing of acetic gastric ulcers, and has no effect on gastric acid secretion and pepsin activity. Treatment of 124 patients with duodenal ulcer with Tremella fuciformis, the effective rate was 98.6%, and the recent healing rate was 79.03%. (5) Anticoagulant effect and promote wound healing: Tremella polysaccharide can achieve anticoagulant effect by affecting endogenous coagulation system and prolonging part of thrombin time. In addition, Tremella polysaccharide can protect wounds and prevent infections in wounds of test rats, and can make the wounds proceed smoothly along the path of physiological repair, thereby achieving the effect of primary healing.


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