Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd.

Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd. Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd. Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd. Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd. Arisun chempharm Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: Arisun chempharm
No. of Employees: 100~130
Annual Sales: 50000000-80000000
Year Established: 2005
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
About Us

Our company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the Research and Development, Production, and Sales of plant extracts (Pygeum Bark Extract, Dihydromyricetin), tablets (Maca, Phosphatidylserine), solid beverages (Matcha, Chinese wolfberry), functional foods (Black Garlic Powder), health food (Kudzu) and cosmetic raw materials (Aloe Vera gel Freeze-dried Powder, Centella asiatica Extract ) in the field of health applications.




Our production base is located in Zone B of Xi'an Technology Enterprise Accelerator. It has 3 production lines with 10,000-grade purification, international standard of extract production, tableting and solid beverage production. At present, we have obtained more than ten invention patents, and have obtained many products’ Production License, Health permit license, and also international certifications include HACCP, ISO9001, KOSHER certification, etc.



In Shanghai, we have built more than 2,000 square meters world-class R&D center, with several Ph.D. -led R&D and quality control teams to ensure the forward-looking and quality reliability for Arisun products.


We have 15 sales engineers who provide professional services to our global customers.



We adopt a new and open cooperation model, integrate the most effective resources, complement each other, and win-win cooperation, and strive to become a world-class health industry product and raw material manufacturer and supplier.


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Our Customers



In 2005, Xi’an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co., Ltd. company was established;


In 2006, Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification;


In 2010, Cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish a national R&D center, and Academician Zhang Shengyong joined the enterprise R&D team;


In 2011, Obtained the HACCP certificate;


In 2012, Extended the industrial chain downstream and established a large-scale pollution-free planting base;


In 2013, Successfully obtained CITES and BV certification from Africa Lee;


June 2015, Arisun ChemPharm Co., Ltd. was established as sister company of Xi’an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co., Ltd. with a same main owner.


December 2015, together with Xi’an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co., Ltd., Arisun jointly invested a purification workshop in the Xi'an High-tech Development Zone to build, and strive to provide customers with better products;


May 2016, The joint R&D platform was established in Shanghai to further enhance the research and development capabilities of new products;


September 2016, Arisun clean workshop obtained the SC certificate for food production through the on-site inspection by the Food and Drug Administration;


December 2016, Arisun obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification and KORSHER certification;


October 2017, Arisun reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Fujian South Pharmaceutical's who’s quality products will be integrated with Arisun’s market advantages and complement each other;


December 2017, Arisun new flavored Matcha was put into production and successfully listed, which has won wide acclaim from customers.


March 2018, Arisun carried out the identification of high-tech enterprises and strived to make the company a national high-tech company;


June 2018, Arisun used low-temperature extraction technology, low-temperature concentration technology, freeze-drying technology, research and development the new instant Matcha successfully.


Company Services

We have high-purity plant extract products, Matcha series, fruit and vegetable powder series, natural coloring series and other varieties of natural products to provide high-quality raw materials to users around the world.

We have production line for compressed candy, solid beverages and tea products, which can be customized for customers.

We can customize the finished products for bottling, tableting, and various small packages. Our factory is your exclusive workshop.

Our HACCP, IS09001 quality management system certification, KOSHER certification and more than ten invention patents have provided a strong guarantee for customers' global marketing.


1. Timely communication, reply within 12 hours;

2. Selecting raw materials strictly;

3. OEM/ODM Available;

4. Reasonable & competitive price;

5. Pre-shipment samples is available for your inspection;

6. Credit guarantee: Alibaba Trade Assurance;

7. Fast lead time: Samples from stock; bulk production within 7 days;

8. Quality guarantee: International Authorized Third-Party Test for the products you need.



Our Team

Sales: 15 professional sales engineers who are proficient in products, dedicated and enthusiastic, and provide a strong guarantee for customer service.


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