Anti Fatigue Odorless Garlic Powder 10 Times Higher Than Raw Garlic Applied In Food Field

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Xi`an
Brand Name: ARS
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
Model Number: ARS01-001
Minimum Order Quantity: 25Kg
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25kg/Drum; 1kg/bag; Small package as costomer's requirement.
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Supply Ability: 5000Kg/month
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Detail Information
Function: Improve Immune Function Active Ingredient: Polyphenols
Heavy Metals: ≤10ppm Sieve Analysis: 100% Pass 80 Mesh
Stock: Available OEM Service: Available
Pesticides: Negative E.Coil: Negative

Product Description

Anti-fatigue Organic Black Garlic Powder 10 Times Higher Than Raw Garlic


1. Production Description


Black Garlic is a pure natural health food adopting international leading special biological fermentation, black garilc extract powder benefits is screening high quality garlic carefully, fermenting spontaneously after 60-90 days, soft and slippery, sweet and sour taste, black-jelly shape. In black garlic extract powder fermentation process, the protein breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates, especially allicin breaks into the odorless, low irritating and deoxidizing alliin, so the black garilc extract powder become black one.


-Its anti-oxidation capability is significantly increased, 10 times higher than that of raw garlic, while the essential effectiveness of garlic is not reduced. Some foreign data indicate that there is a significant antioxidant activity of aged garlic extract on sickle red blood cells by reducing the Heinz body count.

-The content of polyphenol is significantly increased, which is effective for inhibiting oxidation of cholesterol, inhibiting generation of active oxygen and preventing arterial sclerosis.

-It smells natural garlic itself, but does not have intrinsic unpleasant smell of garlic coming out of a person’s body with his breath after eating garlic.

-The aged black garlic is obtained as a food without any additive only by self-aging. It’s a simple and natural prescription for better health.


2. Function


1. Garlic may help to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body.

2. Help in the prevention of cancer.

3. Iower and help keep blood sugar stable.

4. Improve immune function .

5. Helps prevent against heart disease and strokes.

6. Relieves gas and other stomach complaints

7. Garlic probably has other benefits as well.
8. Garlic dramatically reduces yeast infections due to Candida species.
9. Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and is a source of selenium.
10. Eating garlic gives the consumer an enhanced sense of well being - it makes you feel good just eating it.



3. Application of Black Garlic Extract


1. Cancer. A healthy immune system is necessary to fight cancer, and we already know conclusively that garlic supports that system.

2. Immune. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that kills 27 different pathogens and has significant effect on our immune system.

3. Anti-fatigue. As a restorative herb, garlic can enjoy a significant role in balancing a stressful life along with a fatigued body.

4. Cold.One of the most common ailments garlic can treat is the cold.

5. Heart disease. Just as there are many factors that cause heart disease, there are many benefits of garlic that aid in preventing and treating it.

6. Impotence. Garlic has also been found to be helpful to those dealing with impotence.

7. Pregnancy. Garlic supplementation helps weight-gain for babies that may be at risk for low birth weight.


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