Brown Organic Tocopherol Vitamin E Oil For Skin Prevent Cell Physiological Aging

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Xi`an
Brand Name: ARS
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
Model Number: ARS01-001
Minimum Order Quantity: 10Kg
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25kg/Drum; 1kg/bag; Small package as costomer's requirement.
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Supply Ability: 5000Kg/month
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Detail Information
Product Name: Mixed Tocopherol Oil Appearance: Brown Oil
Melting Point: 2.5-3.5℃ Boiling Point: 200-220 °C At 0.1 MmHg
MOQ: 1kg Manufacturer: For 10 Years

Product Description

Vitamins Raw Materials OEM/ODM Support Best Price Mixed Tocopherol Oil

Basic Information
Product Name Mixed Tocopherol Oil
Other Name Vitamin E Oil
Supplier Arisunchem
Appearance Light Yellow Clear Oil
Melting point 2.5-3.5℃
Boiling point 200-220℃ at 0.1mmHg
CAS NO.: 1406-18-4
Molecular Formula C29H50O2
Molecular Weight 430
1.Mixed tocopherol oil with good antioxidant effect;
2.Mixed tocopherol oil can prevent the inflammatory skin diseases, hair loss and accelerate wound healing;
3.Mixed tocopherol oil used to improve blood circulation, protect tissue, lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure;
4.Mixed tocopherol oil is a very important vasodilator and anticoagulant;
5.Mixed tocopherol oi will prevent the formation of free radicals on the skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, it is very good for the skin.
Packed in 25 / 200kg standard drums. Custom packaging is available
Store in an airtight container in cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life
24 months when properly stored.


1. What is Mixed tocopherol oil?


Mixed tocopherol oil, also called vitamin E, refers to a group of fat-soluble vitamins, including tocopherols, tocotrienols. Have antioxidant function, for the normal growth and fertility of animals required.


Mixed tocopherol oil (TCP) are a class of organic chemical compounds (more precisely, various methylated phenols), many of which have vitamin E activity.


2. Specification


1. Mixed Tocopherol Oil 50%



Mixed Tocopherol Oil       min.50% w/w

Non-transgenic soybean Oil  max.50% w/w



2. Mixed Tocopherol Oil 70%



Mixed Tocopherol Oil       min.70% w/w

Non-transgenic soybean Oil  max.30% w/w



3. Mixed Tocopherol Oil 90%



Mixed Tocopherol Oil       min.90% w/w

Non-transgenic soybean Oil  max.10% w/w


3. Application:


1. Food Field:


Vitamin E is mainly used as antioxidants in fat and oil-based foods to maintain the long-lasting freshness of processed foods.

Such as: Vitamin E is a good deodorant, add 1% vitamin E in the chewing gum can quickly remove the smell in the mouth.


Vitamin E is more suitable for the production of a variety of functional health fortified foods, especially for baby food antioxidants, nutritional fortifiers.


2. Medical:


The efficacy and role of vitamin E research in recent years has progressed rapidly. Vitamin E is an intracellular antioxidant that inhibits the formation of toxic lipid peroxidation and stabilizes unsaturated fats. Improve the immune response to stimulate coenzyme Q10, affecting the metabolism of nucleic acids and polyenoic acid. On the pituitary mid-brain system has a regulatory role in promoting the production of gonadotropin, prevent cell physiological aging, to prevent the generation of carcinogenic free radicals.


3. Feed additive:


As a feed additive, vitamin E is an antioxidant and a biocatalyst necessary for animal growth. Its role is first manifested in significantly improve animal fertility and immunity, while preventing feed lipid oxidation worse; In addition, you can control many diseases of animals, improve meat quality and improve animal products.


4 Cosmetics products:


Natural vitamin E easily absorbed by the skin, can promote skin metabolism and prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, with beauty, skin care and anti-aging special effects. With vitamin E as a nutritional supplement cosmetics, has become the mainstream of the international market, the Department of nutrition cosmetics.


5 Plastic products and other aspects:


Vitamin E as an antioxidant in the food industry plastic film and other products, not only to overcome their vulnerability to oxidative embrittlement defects, more importantly, to eliminate the current most of the industrial oxidation and harm to the human body. The vitamin E added to the photosensitive material, can improve the material properties.


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