Instant Natural Food Coloring Powder , Spray Dried Organic Dehydrated Pumpkin Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Xi`an
Brand Name: ARS
Certification: ISO, HACCP, KOSHER
Model Number: ARS05-001
Minimum Order Quantity: 25Kg
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 1kg/bag or small package as costomer's requirement.
Delivery Time: Prompt after your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000Kg/month
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Detail Information
Product Name: Pumpkin Powder Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Odor &Taste: Odor Of Fresh Pumpkin Package: Aluminum Foil Bag;
Manufacturer: For 10 Years Shelf Life: 18months When Properly Stored.
Storage: Store In Cool & Dry Place.Keep Away From Strong Light And Heat. Solubility: Water Soluble. 100% In DW.

Product Description

Good Taste Instant Natural Food Coloring Pumpkin Powder Spray Dried Pumpkin Powder

Product Description


1. Introduction:


Pumpkin is a cucurbitaceae plant that has been planted throughout China. It is rich in abundant nutritional value. Pumpkin enjoy a high reputation"Gold gourd".


2. Nutritional Value:


Polysaccharides: Pumpkin polysaccharide is a non-specific immune enhancer, can improve the body's immune function and promote cytokine production, through the activation of complement and other channels on the immune system to play a wide range of regulatory functions.


Carotenoids: pumpkin rich in carotenoids in the body can be converted into an important physiological function of vitamin A, which epithelial tissue growth and differentiation, to maintain normal vision and promote bone development has important physiological functions.


Pectin: can protect the gastric mucosa, from rough food stimulation, promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with stomach. Also strengthen the intestinal peristalsis, to help food digestion.


Mineral elements: Pumpkin is rich in zinc, involved in the human body nucleic acid, protein synthesis, is an inherent component of the adrenal cortex hormones for the human body an important material for growth and development.


Amino acids: Pumpkin contains 17 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, of which lysine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, threonine and other essential amino acids higher content. Its carotene content of watermelon 8 to 20 times, is a high-quality source of vitamin A.


3. Leading Freeze-dried Technology:


*Keep the fruit’s nutrition maximum

*Pure Taste


Freeze-dried food is quick freezing, vacuum ice dehydration food, to keep the original color, smell, taste, nutrients and the appearance of the original material.And it has good rehydration, does not contain any additives. Freeze-dried food is the ideal natural health food. Once, freeze-dried food known as aristocratic food for astronaut. At present, it has become part of our life.


4. Features of our Freeze-dried Pumpkin powder:


Our Freeze-dried Pumpkin powder is using of fresh pumpkin as our raw material. Do not add any food essence, pigment or other filler. Fully enclosed automatic sterile workshop production,to ensure that quality of products constant. That maintain color and flavor of Pumpkin to make our Freeze-dried pumpkin natural and healthy.

Pure taste.


5. Function:


1.Detoxing and maintaining beauty:

Pumpkin is rich in pectin that can absorb"bacteria and toxic substances" and other heavy metals.Which play a important role in deification.



Freeze- dried pumpkin powder contains VE and B-carotene. VE has a strong anti-oxidant effect can effectively protect body from some oxygen free radicals and peroxide. Make your skin keep young.


3.To help digestion:

Freeze-dried pumpkin powder contain pectin, which can protect gastric mucous, from rough food stimulation and promote ulcer healing.It is helpful for digestion.


6. Application:


1. For Baking: Such as bread, pizza, biscuit, desserts, dressings and recipes etc.


2. For Beverage:Ice cream, Juice, Smoothies, Yogurt etc.


3. For Direct drink:10 grams of Pumpkin powder dissolved directly in 250 ml water. Enjoy the good taste of Freeze Dried Pumpkin powder.


4. Featured Advantage:


1. Prompt respeonse to your inquiries. 7*24 Customer Service

2. 5000Kg per mouth production capability of plant extracts

3.HACCP, ISO, KOSHER,QC certifications available.

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